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BE SEEN BY THE WORLD is our philosophy. If you have taken the time to produce great content, we believe it deserves to be seen. By strategically placing your content online and on mobile, we can target a brand's loyal consumer base as well as engaging new customers. We strive to minimise any divergence loss by only engaging those who may have an affinity with your brand.
By using a user-initiated model we consecutively deliver performance above the industry average.

In other words, if someone chooses to watch your ad, you can be more confident of seeing an ‘engagement’. A ‘like’ or a ‘share’ that will help define your branded video campaign a success.

Our multiscreen video advertising model gives us the options to tailor a campaign to a variety of needs. By asking viewers to opt in to watch your video content, we can distribute much longer than the 30-second video length that has become so typical in a pre-roll environment. The choice that we offer users is vital. If someone ‘chooses’ to watch your video ad they are also ready to interact with it. It is this interaction, whether it be ‘liking’ it on Facebook or sharing it with their twitter followers that will drive the success of a campaign. A video that has been seen by one who wanted to watch your branded video is much more powerful than one who has been forced to watch it.

Red Pineapple Media creates campaigns that are of benefit to both the brand and the user in order to deliver truly successful campaigns.

Have your video commented, shared, liked and BE SEEN BY THE WORLD.

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We are a team of like-minded bloggers who are experienced in finding the right commercial content for your site. We offer fair prices to make sure your contribution gets the reward it deserves. In case you need a helping hand, Red Pineapple Media guarantees prompt assistance and advice.

You’re just clicks away from monetizing your passion and becoming part of our powerful network.

The future of video advertising places the viewers at the heart of the experience, giving them the power to choose which ads they want to watch and interact with.

Red Pineapple Media successfully distributes advertisers' branded content across desktop and mobile, to deliver amazing brand experiences.

We are a dedicated team of bloggers, gamers, marketing professionals, and ad lovers. Founded in Berlin by two young marketers that believe advertising needs to change.

Red Pineapple Media. The future of advertising.

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