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We’re the future of online content. And we’re inviting you to join us.

Developing, running, and maintaining a blog, website, game, or app is no mean feat. And we believe in empowering publishers to reap the rewards of their labors.

Core to our approach is retaining the integrity of publishers’ content; we operate a unique monetization philosophy that means we never ask you to disruptively integrate ads in the middle of your layouts or compromise your users’ experience.

Content fit is paramount. Which is why we suggest video campaigns that fit around the content of your service. We work with advertisers all over the world, covering many different categories, so whatever the subject matter we have it covered for almost every kind of publication.

How do we do this? Dedicated expert account managers that hand-pick campaigns and offer you individual support, affording you the time and space to do what you do best – producing some of the web’s best content.

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How do we make this happen?

Global campaigns
We work with advertisers all over the world from all walks of life, so we are experienced in offering attractive campaigns with premium content wherever you are.
Content fit
Rather than serving video content at random, we always choose specific campaigns that suit the content of your site or app.
Customizable and easy-to-use technology
Our proprietary solutions mean a variety of content formats are at your fingertips, as well as customizable API integration, the possibility of SDK integration, and a simple, user-friendly system that makes campaign management, tracking, and remuneration quick and easy.
We pride ourselves in offering great rates in exchange for great campaign integration. Because we believe that your efforts should be rewarded, we make sure that working with us is always worth your while.
Dedicated account managers
We’re approachable, friendly, and keen to help – and your dedicated, expert account manager will always be there to offer the support you need.
Easy monetization
Managing payments has never been easier. Our system automatically generates credit notes at the end of each campaign – all you need to do is request payment and watch the money clear your account.

Blog / Website Owner

You love great content. We do too.

Blog / Website Owner

For blog and website owners Red Pineapple Media is the gateway to brands that truly understand the power of influencers. By integrating brand content within relevant editorial, we help cultivate positive brand partnerships that leave integrity and authenticity in tact. Our strategy is built on open, transparent communications, which is why we work hard with you to select brands and content that complement your own and allow you to keep up the good work.

Embrace the new era of digital advertising today – and be part of an exciting future.

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Game Owner

Monetize your game in a unique and powerful way.

Game Owner

While the trend for consumers to pay for games continues to evaporate, the costs involved in producing great gaming software are ever on the up. Within this challenging landscape Red Pineapple Media provides a simple, unobtrusive, gameplay-enhancing solution that helps fund brilliant software developers.

Our solution is ‘value exchange video’: an intelligent way of monetizing your game without interrupting the user experience and, crucially, without taking away from the appeal of your product. By allowing players to earn credits or additional lives in exchange for engaging with brand content, you are empowered to monetize without compromising your free-to-play model – which can only mean good things for your development future.

Start a gaming revolution.

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App Owner

Time to boost your winnings.

App Owner

Great apps are no accident, and you invested blood, sweat, and tears into yours. Red Pineapple Media provides the mechanism for app owners to reap the rewards of mobile advertising. By tailoring in-app advertising formats to your audience, we work with you to ensure seamless brand fit without weakening the core user experience.

Reap the rewards of in-app advertising.

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